Meredith Turcotte
MoonshineTake The Mask Off, Marion.The WheelQueen BeeApocalypse GardenLuzCalaveras CowMargaret Third Eye BullseyeWar HeadsOil SpillHe's GoneLas VegasCarolyn Cassidy Nightfall Of DiamondsLiberty Fare thee well. Fare thee well. I love you more than words can tell. Statues Made Of MatchsticksKing of the CornThe BoxerThe CouchJourneySpace Boots Yeah Since I was 5 Years OldPsychedelic Mask Machine Starry Eyed Dark WoodsChicken FarmUntitledSwampBryanSunshineSun Bather ErinEvolutionFigure Study
Landscapes and Figures